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What is Chautauqua?

New Piasa Chautauqua has existed on the banks of the Mississippi for more than 130 years.  It started as a post-Civil War social experiment to bring people together to learn, love and belong.  It has been a source of recreation, education and community for countless families, some of which describe Chautauqua as a summer camp for families.

Our summer season begins in May and ends in Septembers and includes activities for all ages.  Our nearly all volunteer staff works to maintain a strong community and spirit of Chautauqua so that new generations will be able to experience its uniqueness.

We welcome and encourage you to visit, rent or eventually join.  You can learn more by following the links in the menus above.

How Chautauqua Was Founded

The Chautauqua movement was founded in 1895 as the Piasa Bluffs Assembly on 310 acres as a tent summer resort tent community and as time passed, tents became more permanent structures, and assembly buildings and recreational facilities were built. By 1910 there were 39 Chautauquas in Illinois and hundred spread around the country, with the mother Chautauqua being in New York State, Entertainment and educational groups travelled on a circuit and local people lodged depending on their interest and income. Every year since 1895 the Annual Program for each summer season has been different.

Our Valley

A small group of largely Methodist ministers but others as well shopped by river boat for a place to develop a gather. Originally Babb’s Hollow it is a narrow valley nuzzled between limestone bluffs. Actually two valleys, they invade the highlands about mile from the Mississippi River. Transportation from to Chautauqua has changed over time from steamboat, to train, to car, and perhaps soon ride-share. 126 cottages and handful of common buildings along with about 2 miles of roads make up the development, but for all of that Chautauqua remains very natural and host abundant flora and fauna.

Our Community

The community spirit is alive and well with us. At the peak of season there are perhaps 181 owners plus their guests. Several families are represented by more than one cottage and some families go back six generations. Films, plays, lectures, sporting events, swimming, boating, structured youth activities, church, crafts, and many forms of outdoor recreation make up the typical day in Chautauqua. However bar none the most common activity is gatherings in the community and the enjoyment of sometime life-long friendships.

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