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The Ladies' Civic Improvement Association (LCIA) was formed in 1910.  Money raised by the LCIA is used for youth activities, beautification and reforestation of the grounds, and other special projects.

The LCIA sponsors Tillie's, Pink Geranium Cafe, Library, "The Club" (ages 7-11), Play School (ages 3-6), "Activities" (ages12-18), Tuesday Night Card Parties, Girls Club, Children's Day Weekend and many other events throughout the season.

President              Julie Biedenstein

Vice President     Mary Charlton

Secretary              Susanne Knese

Treasurer             Katie Stocke

Board Members:  Jan Clinite, Betsy Holowatuk, Natalie Merrill, Lisa Mitchell, Ellen Mullarkey, Julie Portman, Natalie Schwaninger and Nicole Stevenson

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