Chautauqua Historical Society

The Chautauqua Historical Society is a membership society whose mission is to preserve and enhance the historic traditions and culture of New Piasa Chautauqua. It is an Illinois non profit corporation and is recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt educational and charitable organization. The Society publishes a Newsletter two or three times each year. All Chautauquans are encouraged to become members of the Society.


The Archival Research Center at the Jersey Door will be open Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday mornings, and by appointment. The Center is under the direction of Mary Ann Weyforth. Staff includes volunteers and the Tomlinson-Hurd Archival Interns. Research will focus on the continuation of the Cottage Box project and a new project to collect information on Chautauquans who have served in the nation's military services. Exhibits are planned for the Center.

The Society and Bert Hampton will host a “Coffee and Sweets” every Wednesday morning on the south porch of the Kentucky Home, 10am to noon.


"The mission and purpose of the Chautauqua Historical Society is the preservation and enhancement of the historic traditions and culture of New Piasa Chautauqua, Chautauqua, Illinois, the encouragement of historical research on the Chautauqua community and nearby historic districts, the publication of historical brochures, pamphlets, and other written material on New Piasa Chautauqua, remaining permanent assemblies and Chautauquas in other parts of the United States and the national Chautauqua movement, and the establishment of an educational program to inform the Chautauqua community and the general public of the historical and educational value of New Piasa Chautauqua."


-Taken from the "The Western Chautauqua."

2018 Board of Directors

President - 

VP/Membership - Ellen Mullarkey

Treasurer - Kelly Mulholland

Secretary - Bob Hormell

ARC Director - Mary Ann Weyforth

Exhibits - Rose Tomlinson

Publications - Melissa McCanna

Fundraising - Tim Tomlinson