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Non-Member FAQ

What is Chautauqua?


Chautauqua is a community between two bluffs on the Mississippi River made up of 250-500 community members depending on the time in the season, and 126 cottages.

How can I visit Chautauqua?

Because we are a private community, you will have to arrange a visit


How can I rent a cottage?

Those wanting to rent or offer their cottage for rent should make arrangements with Ann Margaret at Cottages are available for rent during the regular season for days, week, or months and the price is set per property. 

All new renters must apply for the ability to rent, and rental is subject to approval by the Board of Directors. Application can be downloaded here and returned by email to


How can I become a member?

If you are new to Chautauqua you must first reach out to our Chair of Membership, Bill Holowatuk at (636) 256-6748. 


I’m interested in buying a cottage, what now?

All new purchasers must apply for membership and cottage sale is subject to membership and the approval by the Board of Directors.

Application can be downloaded here, and returned by email to

How much does it cost?

Cottage owners are charged a Basic Membership Fee, a Homeowners Association Fee, and any Assessments that are in place. Electricity is purchased in bulk by the community and paid for according to actual use on an annual basis.

Approximate Fees for the 2016 Season are: $5000-7000 annually according to number of lots leased and the square footage of the cottage. There are additional non-repeating assessments for special projects when the community votes for them.


How is Chautauqua Organized?

We are a modified Common Interest Community Association with our own By Laws and Rules where the land is held in common and leased to members who own cottages built upon the leasehold.

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