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Church Assembly

Religion has always been a central part of New Piasa Chautauqua and that tradition continues today. Contemplation, prayer, worship, spirituality, and good works make up the fabric of a intentional community like Chautauqua. The Chapel is located toward the front of the grounds near the playground and serves as the central hub of spirituality in the valley. The Chautauqua Church Assembly maintains this building and offers worship services every Sunday to all denominations. Guest ministers along with an annual Resident minister conduct the weekly services.  Simultaneously Sunday School is offered to youth from ages 3-10, teens, and for the very young free baby sitting is provided. 


Additionally times and locations of study and worship are:  the weekly Bible Study, Men's Breakfast and Discussion, and evening Vespers. 


The annual Resident Minister, Clint McCann lives on the grounds and amongst us sharing in our daily activities.  Clint is an Evangelical Professor of Biblical Interpretation at the Eden Theological Seminary, and his wife Sarah is a pastor at Hope UCC in St. Louis. 

Chairman                                           Jim Roberts

Secretary                                            Mary Roberts

Treasurer                                            Frances Young


Volunteers                                          Mary Charlton

Church Building and

Events Facilitator                             Bren Deffenbaugh

Volunteers, Historian                      Bob Edmunds

Sunday School Curriculum/

Program Facilitator                          Miriam Hendrickson

Parsonage                                           Sue Laffler

Guest Speakers/Ministers               David Stevenson

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