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The location along the Mississippi River offers up a number of outdoor recreational activities including boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, running, biking and quiet contemplation.  There are also facilities for tennis, basketball, volleyball, and baseball/softball.  Golf courses are nearby as well as other activities such as horseback riding and adventure experiences such as zip lining.

Facilities include two tennis courts, 500 bather swimming pool, basketball court, volleyball court, a playground and an all purpose court.


The community shares in the care, concern, and development of all children.  While informal play and association is the norm at Chautauqua, there is also more formal association each weekday morning.  Organized activities occur for youth ages 3-18 from 10 am to 12 noon daily.


Play School

Play School caters to children ages 3-6 and offers both structured and unstructured play along with supervision from the Play School Director.



Club caters to children ages 7-11 and offers more outdoor experiences, activities and play along with a dedicated counselor.



Activities is for youth 12 and up and is geared toward more vigorous activities with the possibility of field trips.

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